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Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a very important piece of the HVAC matrix. Replenishing your home with fresh and clean breathing air is one of our goals in providing you with indoor air comfort. We feature products that keep your indoor air healthy year-round.

Life Breath HVR

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV)

An HRV is designed to work in unison with your Heating System. Basically, it brings in fresh air and heats it using the heat contained in the exhaust air. The two airs never touch but the end result is that you get fresh air that isn’t freezing cold in Winter months. Its both a health system and one that helps reduces your heating bills. An HRV is also an effective tool for reducing dampness as well as radon gas levels that can enter your home. Often, people who install new windows, find that they have a lot of condensation in winter. An HRV will solve that problem.

Hepa Filter

Air Filtration

There are different ways to achieve cleaner air in your home. We have a variety of solutions that work very well. Namely these are Electrostatic/Electronic air cleaning, UV filtration and HEPA filtration to name a few. Call today if you want to explore these options.

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